Friday, September 19, 2008

UCLA fight fight fight!

Isaiah got to go to his first UCLA game on labor day (yep, we are crazy like that and drove straight from Bass Lake to the game). What an exciting first game for him- we won in overtime (very much unlike last week's game. We're not going to talk about that one). He loved taking everything in, although he really wanted to crawl down the stairs onto the field.
clapping and cheering the team on!
He then fell asleep in the 3rd quarter. He slept through most of the exciting, loud parts
But, he woke up in time to see the exciting end of the 4th quarter and overtime
 That one is my favorite!
My nephews, Benny & DJ got to come with us which was super fun! It was Ben's first real football game.
DJ got really excited at the end. So much, that he just couldn't keep his shirt on anymore :)
First of many family UCLA pics to come:
You might be wondering why I am wearing a black MVHS sweatshirt. Isaiah decided he was so excited to be there, that he spat up all over me. Three times. He hardly even spits up anymore, but of course, when we are out in public when I don't have another shirt, it all came out. Thanks DJ for letting me borrow your sweatshirt!
On a similar note, we have extra tickets for the UCLA v Arizona game tomorrow. I'm heading out to our women's retreat and David isn't feeling well, so they are up for grabs. They are $17/piece. They are great seats- right by the field. Let me know if you want them!
 Go bruins!


Rachel Shoemaker said...

adorable pics!

Shan said...

My nephews are so cute.............