Friday, May 29, 2009


Yep, our last post was Easter. Bad Toneys. Here is a quick catch up on the happenings of Mr. Isaiah:

A deep love and excitement for all things "ball":

Getting very skilled at building lego towers:

Blowing lots of bubbles:


Giving mommy lots of love for mother's day:

Being over all cute:

Our newest addition has been a train table (thanks nonna!) and a huge train collection (thanks carrie, cathie & boys!). He plays with his "choos-choos" all day long. I'll post some pictures soon. 

We had our longest time spent away from last week when we went to Hawaii for a wedding. We had a great time enjoying Honolulu and celebrating Brittany and Josh and Isaiah had a blast with Nonna, GG and grandma & grandpa. He recognized our voices right away on the phone and got better at talking on it when someone is actually talking back :)   However, we were more than ready to be back together.

He has also become very good at singing melodies. "Jingle Bells", "Happy Birthday" and "The ABCs" are his current favorites. It just makes my day to be driving along and hear his sweet little songs from the back seat. 

Overall, things have been wonderful and we are so enjoying seeing our little baby grow into a little boy.