Saturday, March 14, 2009

Meet Abby & Friends

Meet Abby:

Abby is the daughter of our friends Nikki and Robbie. She is also Isaiah's future wife. It was arranging before her birth. 
She recently had her first birthday party (with a super cute Dr. Suess theme), where Isaiah discovered his new love of balloons and tried to eat Abby's cake with her. 

Isaiah was very happy that his buddy Austin was back from Texas. However, we felt a little bad for him because Isaiah was chasing him around, trying to get the balloon that was tied to his foot.

Two weekends ago, Abby was dedicated at church. We decided to try to get a few pictures of the three kiddos and this is what happened:

Stage 1: All are finally sitting on the stage. Now to get them to all look up at the same time.

Stage 2: Isaiah decides to take his shoe off.

At the same time, Austin decided to make a move on Abby. Isaiah played it cooling, knowing that he holds Abby's heart.

Stage 3: Austin takes off to go play the drums. Cute picture of all three smiling not achieved.
Isaiah sees him take off and decides that he wants to go play the drums too. Abby was left looking pretty by herself.

Dear Abby: Hello. Love Isaiah.

An update: Finally!

Yes, we are alive :)

It has been over a month since we moved and we are settling in well. There are definitely good things about our move as well as bad things and we are working on managing the two. The drive has not been too bad and we are enjoying getting to spend time with family and friends both in Orange County and San Diego.

This week, Isaiah will be a year and a half! Crazy! Here is an update on our little man:

*He is talking up a storm. Most of it, we can't understand, but here are some things that he says in English: mama, daddy, hi, hello, go!, thank you, cheese, ball and he tries to say hobie (my parent's dog's name). He also still uses his sign language, especially more, all done and please.

*He loves giving high 5's and knuckles. He will turn to a stranger in the grocery store and put out his fist to try to give them knuckles. Last week, at my nieces 16th birthday party, he wanted to go around the entire circle of 20 teenagers, giving them all high 5's and knuckles over and over.

*His favorite foods are still bananas, cheese and blueberries, but he also loves avocados, strawberries, oranges, cucumber, peas, sweet potatoes and chicken. One of his cousins snuck him some ice cream behind my back last week and he really liked that :)

*He loves having a park right across the street. He has mastered the playground and goes down the big slide by himself. He only likes to swing for about 20 seconds and then he wants to get out and push the swing himself. If there are any bigger kids playing, whether it is basketball, soccer or with toys in the sand, he immediately wants to join in. It is fun to watch him try to be social.

*He also loves reading books, playing the piano, playing with his big cars and automatic train, throwing balls on the ground (he's also quite good at throwing food on the ground), playing his guitar with daddy, dancing, building and unbuilding his blocks, running around, playing catch with the dog, playing with water in the sink and organizing things (spices from the pantry, tupperware, my wallet). He also LOVES playing in the nursery at church and also the childcare center at the gym.

*He loves to brush his teeth and clean the floors. I hope that these things continue into his teenage years. 

*He picks up bags, throws them over his shoulder and then walks to the door waving and blowing kisses.

*He has figured out how to turn the lights off in the kitchen and thinks that he is hot stuff. He'll turn them off and on for 20 minutes at a time. 

*If you tell him to say cheese when you have the camera out, this is what happens:

*He is getting more cuddly, which we love. The cuddles and hugs don't last very long before he is off exploring again, but we love them when we get them! He has also become very good at giving kisses :)

*Lately, when he wakes up in the morning, he runs from side to side in his crib and then shakes the sides. I, on the other hand, do not have nearly as much energy at 6:30 or 7:00.

*He is still a great napper and sleeper- praise the Lord!

*He has four molars and is getting two more, but still doesn't have one of his front teeth. It is pretty cute when he smiles and you just see three teeth on the bottom.

*He has gotten a few time outs as he is testing the waters of how much he can press us. We are learning how to discipline. Any tips?

We have so much fun with him and love seeing him develop. We'll post some more pictures soon, we promise!