Monday, August 25, 2008


It's raining in San Diego! I love it! So refreshing!

**edited to add**
A half hour later, it was 90 degrees, sunny and clear. Gotta love Southern California.

Something else that  made me smile today: Isaiah scurried quickly across the floor to come over to me, then he climbed into my lap, wrapped his arms around my neck and hugged me for a good minute. It was so sweet! He did this about 4 times today. Definitely made my day. More than the brief appearance of the rain.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

On the up & up

Isaiah woke up yesterday without a fever! Yay! I can tell he's still not feeling like him self (translation: he's grumpy), but he's definitely doing much better. We've had a couple of rough nights, but we are just so happy that his fever is down. On tuesday, he would not drink anything and did not eat much, which really worried me. Now he's back to his cheerio-throwing, banana-loving, food-guzzling self!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Poor Isaiah

Our little guy is sick. He's had a high fever since early sunday morning- so sad for us! His fever finally got down under 100 for a while this afternoon, but we can tell he's still not feeling well.  Something is definitely going around- 3 of my friends' sons have been sick this past week as well. Any tips for getting a baby to drink fluids when they don't really want to?

Good news though, when we took him to the doctor today, we found out that he's gained almost a pound in the past 2 1/2 weeks! Good 'ol formula. On the downside though, it would have been really nice to be able to nurse Isaiah the past couple of days. He has not gone for it except in the mornings when he is used to nursing.

Thankfully, David's mom happened to be down visiting this weekend, so she has been an amazing help for us-loving on Isaiah and helping out around the house. We even got to sneak away today for a little day-date. Thanks Nonna!

Oh, how I wish he could communicate with us and tell us how he is feeling...

Fingers crossed that he will sleep well tonight and wake up feeling better.

Monday, August 11, 2008

weekend of kids and pictures

we had a great weekend in santa barbara visting my parents and in SLO for silas' 1st b-day party. here are my top ten pics from the weekend top ten has 12 photos.


Tuesday, August 5, 2008


jon let me borrow his real camera. i'm having fun

and. isaiah needs a haircut.


day of fun

nothing precedes coffee like pie. and nothing preceds pie like juanitas california burrito. and nothing preceds that burrito like surfing. and nothing precedes surfing like reading. and nothing precedes reading like more surfing. and nothing precedes more surfing like more coffe. and nothing precedes more coffee like still more surfing.
it was a great day. two trips in the water with friends and one trip alone. one trip to pannikins with jon and one alone. a great book by francis chan, the bible, and God's creation.
the only bad things was when the reef sliced jon's foot open.



here are some pictures of his wanderings, be sure to check out the pictures link on the right for full galleries.

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Recent Adventures of Isaiah

Hello long lost blog. 

Not having our camera has significantly lowered our motivation for blogging. But- we get it back tomorrow! Yay! We had to send it to cannon, then we were gone when they tried to deliver it, then Fedex couldn’t find it in the system, then it got sent back to Canon. So frustrating! But, alas, we will finally have it again. We will call these past couple of months of Isaiah’s life the dark ages. 

I have taken a few iPhone pics- they are posted in our gallery. Check them out & you can see all of the trouble Isaiah gets into on a daily basis. 

Speaking of trouble, here is what he is up to:
*He’s all over the place. Speedy gonzales. Still putting everything he finds on the floor into his mouth. When it gets too quiet, I know he’s got something in there :) 
*He inhales his food still. He cannot have just one piece of banana or one cheerio, no. He needs to put a full handful into his mouth at a time.
*Speaking of cheerios, I am officially a mom. I buy a box of cheerios every week. Wow. 
*He absolutely loves music. This has been so fun for us to see develop. The second he hears any music he smiles and starts bouncing or waving his hands. When I take him into the sanctuary after church on sundays, he starts squeeling, flapping his hands up and down, dancing while I carry him and reaching for the stage. He loves watching David & the band play. He also loves playing (=banging) on the piano, playing with his dad’s guitar and playing the drums (both his toy one and the big ones at church). I cannot tell you how much joy this brings me & David. 
*He needs a haircut. His 3rd. 
*He is a fish. He loves swimming. Being outdoors in general. I love seeing how God instills a love for his creation at such an early age. 
*He waves. Not when we want him to of course, but at strangers, birds, dogs, windmills. 
*He has stood on his own for a few seconds at a time. To which I respond, “No! Not yet!”

The biggest change of all though, is the lack of change in his weight and what that has brought about. He is still tiny, so I took him to the doctor just to check on it and he is in the THIRD PERCENTILE for weight! 3rd! 10th for height. Yikes! However, it is all okay because his head is in the 90th percentile!! He’s all head! No wonder he wobbles when he tries to stand on his own! 

The kid eats like crazy, so the doctor said that he is just not getting enough calories from my breastmilk. So sad for us! It’s amazing how prideful moms can be about something like this. I didn’t want to admit that what I was doing & giving him could not be enough for him. Of course I want all of his needs to be met and I thought that they were. Apparently, my body was just not giving him enough substance in the milk. So, to formula we go. I felt like they were giving me a certificate of failure when they handed me formula samples. Why does the mom culture promote this idea? It’s totally okay, especially at 9 1/2 months. I am still nursing him in the morning, but supplementing with formula throughout the rest of the day. He has taken to it pretty well, although he gets frustrated when I give him the bottle right before bedtime, as he knows that he used to be able to nurse then. 

In my sadness, the doctor assured me that he is 100% healthy and is developmentally on track, if not ahead. So that was reassuring. He just needs to get a little bigger. So, here we are on a new adventure. A little sad, but we know it will be best for him. And that’s what matters. Not my boob pride. 

What about us? I’ve been busy with weddings, but it has slowed down a bunch.  I even had a full weekend off this past weekend! Wait till you see what I got done (a post to come later this week!). I am enjoying being able to hang out with Isaiah more and to be able to connect with my friends as well. To see some of my recent weddings, check out my other blog:

David is loving surfing and work. The well project is going well- less than 100 to go. If you would still like to buy one, please do! 

I promise we will get better at updating this so that you won’t have to read my essays. 
Happy monday!