Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Some fun treasures from the past few weeks:

today at naptime:
me: "Isaiah, what do you want to thank God for when we pray?"
isaiah: "chips"

today at bedtime:
me: "Isaiah, what do you want to thank God for when we pray?"
Isaiah: "chips"
me: "ok, we'll pray for chips. Anything else you want to thank God for?"
Isaiah: "a dog"

A few days ago, he got an invitation in the mail for a friend's Disney princess birthday party. I jokingly asked him what princess he wanted to be. He replied, "buzz lightyear".

When he wants to keep doing something, he says one more. For instance: "one more play" (when he doesn't want to stop playing) "one more Disneyland" (as we are leaving Disneyland). It usually involves him putting his finger in the air as well. (It sounds like "mon more" though)

He sings all.the.time. Usually Yo Gabba Gabba songs or any song having to do with a choo choo. Or the Veggie Tales theme song. He sang it literally 80% of the day today. He also starting singing "life is a highway" from Cars the other day. Don't know how cool I am with my 2 year old singing "all night long". Let's keep working on "Jesus loves me", shall we?

Speaking of singing, when he says goodbye to someone, it is usually followed by the goodbye song from Yo Gabba Gabba. It's precious. "goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye. goodbye see you later, don't be sad"

He's been really cuddly and really into giving kisses lately. Which we are 110% okay with. He'll start giving David little kisses on his arms, or on my knees. So cute!

During the Olympics, he learned how to play Curling- with his little toy broom. Does that tell you how often David was watching curling matches?

On a not so fun note, he had his first nightmare last week and now seems to be a little afraid of the dark. It's fun to see his imagination grow, but now we know the downside of that. We got him a rocketship nightlight and he is good to go though. Everytime he goes to bed he makes sure that he points out rocket.

I have not downloaded many recent pictures because my computer is out of space, but here are a few that I have:

Playing rockband with his buddy Will:

Look out world.

Hugging his future wife:

Reading stories with his cousin Mandy (or eenee, as he says):

Oh, yes- and he is still taking his pajamas off before he falls asleep. At least 2 nights a week.

And don't worry- he has had a haircut since these photos were taken :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Yes, I am actually writing a blog

We have completely ignored this blog. So sorry blog.

It has been a crazy few months, but I want to make sure I am better at capturing moments of our lives: things Isaiah does, the silly things he says, what we do as a family outside of my work or David's work. I am realizing more and more how quickly time goes by, how easily I forgot things and how incredibly important family is.

I have been heartbroken after reading stories of a couple of sweet baby boys who have had to fight for their lives recently. One, the son of a wedding photographer, was taken home to be with God. The other is still fighting and I am praying. The crazy blog world brings peoples stories closer to you than you ever before and I am so thankful to have found these two families. So that I can be praying for them and also as a reminder of what is important. I want to hug Isaiah tighter, be more careful, spend more time and energy on those I love and make smart decisions for our little family.

I also want to capture as much of Isaiah as possible. After two year, we have become lazy with the video camera. We take 1/100th of the photos we took his first couple months of life. I need to keep chronicling. Remembering.

So, tonight, I am capturing some of my favorite recent Isaiah moments.

*Tonight, after reading about the little guy who is battling for every breath, I snuck into Isaiah's room to give him a kiss (I normally just make sure he has his blanket on). Tonight, there he was- completely naked except for his diaper. He took off his footie pjs for the first time. A tender moment- I love my little stinker.

*While he is still in love with trains, cars have made a move into his life. Not just any cars- the characters from the movie "Cars". I never thought I would know all about Mator and Lighting McQueen (which Isaiah calls "A Peep") and I can even quote you most of the movie. He discovered cars fruit snacks at the market the other day and now he asks for them about 20 times a day (don't worry- he only gets them once!)

*In addition to "chars snacks",  he continually asks for yogurt, apple sauce and berries. He loves his veggies though too- we often have to tell him he has to finish his meat or bread before he can have more green beans or broccoli.  He would eat fruit all day if you let him.

*He has been a really great eater- until this week. Now all of a sudden, he won't eat dinner and we spend our whole meal trying to get him to eat his chicken or pasta. I had just thought to myself "We have not hit the terrible two's yet". I think I spoke too soon.

*He enjoys coloring, lining toys up (he is an organizer), dancing around the house (which mainly consists of jumping and running while flailing his arms about), reading "tories", playing with balls (playing often= throwing them off of our back porch down to the backyard and then saying "oh no!"), spreading his choo choo stickers all over the floor, singing and looking at pictures (on our computer and actual pictures).

*He is a rockstar with his ABC's. He can sing it (which he does multiple times per day) and also can identify every letter- both uppercase and lowercase. It is really cute. Our favorite letter he says is W.

*Right now, no matter how many of anything he actually has or sees, he says that there are 3. He loves that number.

*He says "No, shanks" to everything.

me: "Isaiah, it's time to take a splash splash"
I: "no shanks".

me: "Isaiah, you need to eat your dinner right now"
I: "no shanks".

me: "Say hi to grandma"
I: "no shanks".

And it is always in the cutest, most innocent way. He knows it is funny though.

*He really loves sneezing. He pretends to do it all the time and always jumps at a chance to say bless you. Even if we cough. Or yawn.

*He also really loves praying. It is adorable. After we pray before his nap or bedtime, he always asks for "more pray".

*We are fortunate to have good friends live right across the street from us. There is no place Isaiah would rather be than playing with the boys at their house. He asks to go to "shae house" at least once an hour. Thankfully, she is a wonderful host and loves to let him come play cars and choo choos with her sons.

*Even though that really is his favorite place to go, he told me last week that church was his favorite place. Score! Probably has something to do with the drums, rows of chairs to run around, Veggie Tales, and goldfish. Hopefully some Jesus too. He cheers when we take the freeway exit that leads to our church.

*He also knows all about our computers. He tries to close my laptop while I am working on it and then sneaks in and tries to get on it when I am not looking. He also knows how a Cricut and Xyron (crafting tools) work and he tries to take over while I am using them. Pretty soon he will be making banners for me :)

*When we are looking for something and I ask him where it is, he pretty much always replies, "up high". We have no idea where he got that.

*He is busy busy busy but also has become more lovey with time. There is not much better than an unexpected kiss from his sweet little face.

I am going to post more. Just you wait and see :)