Sunday, November 23, 2008

Confession and update

confession: I have been eating peppermint ice cream for over a month now (my favorite. ever.) and yesterday I broke our family's "no christmas music until the day after thanksgiving" rule. I had to confess to David. He was disappointed in me. I just couldn't resist! I am getting so excited!

On the agenda:
*Today: thanksgiving soup dinner at our home church with the fam after practice with some cute kiddos for our church's women's Christmas tea.
*Tomorrow: work and then two meetings for the Christmas tea.
*Tuesday: It's someone's birthday ;)
*Wednesday: Heading up to orange county for birthday party with my family, spending the night for:
*Thursday: Turkey day! I even get to visit with one of my bf's from college, Brittany :)
*Friday: Shopping  I have my last wedding of the year. It will be really cool & unique. We even get to put out a Christmas Tree during the reception. yay!
*The next week: Christmas tree luncheon & Christmas tea!

And then it's full blast Christmas time! Yipee! I have so many fun projects and ideas in my head. I am over halfway done with my shopping (I cannot believe this!), so hopefully that will make it a less stressful and more enjoyable Christmas season.

Enough about Christmas, on to health: I'm doing well finally! Praise the Lord, Isaiah did not catch the flu from us. He did, however, wake up with a stuffy nose today, so we'll see how that goes. I realize that I never posted a 1 year update on him. We'll do that this week.

Happy sunday everyone!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

being sick is no fun

David had the flu last week.

I came down with it yesterday.

So far, Isaiah hasn't gotten it bad. Lord, please keep him healthy! I cannot imagine how sad it would be for him to feel like I have felt the past day. Just in case he does, do you have any tips for comforting a baby with the flu? Specifically, how do you handle the throwing up?

Cute, happy Isaiah:

Running around the house with no pants on one sock:

Stay happy and healthy little man!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The proper way to eat chipotle


Make a big mess! Preferrably make a beard out of black beans and cover the floor with rice.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Our friend Jenetta came over last week to get some 1 year photos of our little guy. Here are a few of my favorites:

So sweet & happy:

The Rockstar:
"Hi, my name is Isaiah and I am Trouble"
"...and I know exactly how to melt my mom's heart"
My favorite hat:
Not his though.
Struttin' his stuff:

I just love him. 

There are a few more photos up on Jenetta's blog, if you would like to check them out.

Happy wednesday!


Sunday, November 9, 2008

pumkin patch

beautiful pumkins
beautiful isaiah
check out the photos link for the full gallery.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Isaiah was the cutest monkey ever!

Remember the Star Wars gang from last year? Here they are in their jungle finest:

It was fun to have two new little guys with us!

Fun during the photo session:
Meet Liam-the lion-Maroney:
He was born the day before Isaiah's birthday. It was so crazy to hold and realized that Isaiah was that size exactly a year ago. 

After the photo shoot, we had fun hanging out at grandma's with his cousins:

Isaiah even went trick or treating to a few of the neighbors' houses my mom made me use my cute kid to get candy :)
After that, we headed over to Grace Church to see The El Ninos (david's kids worship band) play.
Excuse the terrible photos. It was dark. 
Peacock Eva and Elephant Ethan were great dancers. 
Isaiah was really excited to get to join the fun:
Ethan showing off his mad muscles:
Cute family pic... What is david? I have no idea. Was it past Isaiah's bed time? you bet.
Me and darce. Cute.
Isaiah's first time in a bouce house. He loved crawling around while Eva and Charis jumped.
A little more trick or treating:
Fun friends:
Mandy sorting her candy, which resulted in us stealing her candy:
Isaiah really enjoyed playing with his candy the next day. He still has not figured out that it is edible. (thankfully!)