Sunday, November 23, 2008

Confession and update

confession: I have been eating peppermint ice cream for over a month now (my favorite. ever.) and yesterday I broke our family's "no christmas music until the day after thanksgiving" rule. I had to confess to David. He was disappointed in me. I just couldn't resist! I am getting so excited!

On the agenda:
*Today: thanksgiving soup dinner at our home church with the fam after practice with some cute kiddos for our church's women's Christmas tea.
*Tomorrow: work and then two meetings for the Christmas tea.
*Tuesday: It's someone's birthday ;)
*Wednesday: Heading up to orange county for birthday party with my family, spending the night for:
*Thursday: Turkey day! I even get to visit with one of my bf's from college, Brittany :)
*Friday: Shopping  I have my last wedding of the year. It will be really cool & unique. We even get to put out a Christmas Tree during the reception. yay!
*The next week: Christmas tree luncheon & Christmas tea!

And then it's full blast Christmas time! Yipee! I have so many fun projects and ideas in my head. I am over halfway done with my shopping (I cannot believe this!), so hopefully that will make it a less stressful and more enjoyable Christmas season.

Enough about Christmas, on to health: I'm doing well finally! Praise the Lord, Isaiah did not catch the flu from us. He did, however, wake up with a stuffy nose today, so we'll see how that goes. I realize that I never posted a 1 year update on him. We'll do that this week.

Happy sunday everyone!


JLP said...

"Tuesday: It's someone's birthday ;)"

-yes, all day and this is a yearly event.


Denise said...

happy thanksgiving and birthday!

i broke the no christmas music till friday rule too!
i couldn't resist and uploaded all kinds of christmas music yesterday!
then i had to listen to it all.

besides a lot of jars, bebo, sara groves, and six pence. my very favorite (at this moment) is Children Go Where I Send Thee by darrell hall & john oates (80's duo).