Monday, November 3, 2008


Isaiah was the cutest monkey ever!

Remember the Star Wars gang from last year? Here they are in their jungle finest:

It was fun to have two new little guys with us!

Fun during the photo session:
Meet Liam-the lion-Maroney:
He was born the day before Isaiah's birthday. It was so crazy to hold and realized that Isaiah was that size exactly a year ago. 

After the photo shoot, we had fun hanging out at grandma's with his cousins:

Isaiah even went trick or treating to a few of the neighbors' houses my mom made me use my cute kid to get candy :)
After that, we headed over to Grace Church to see The El Ninos (david's kids worship band) play.
Excuse the terrible photos. It was dark. 
Peacock Eva and Elephant Ethan were great dancers. 
Isaiah was really excited to get to join the fun:
Ethan showing off his mad muscles:
Cute family pic... What is david? I have no idea. Was it past Isaiah's bed time? you bet.
Me and darce. Cute.
Isaiah's first time in a bouce house. He loved crawling around while Eva and Charis jumped.
A little more trick or treating:
Fun friends:
Mandy sorting her candy, which resulted in us stealing her candy:
Isaiah really enjoyed playing with his candy the next day. He still has not figured out that it is edible. (thankfully!)


Cathi Hamen said...

love the animal theme awesome costumes.. so is David a court jester?????

CLR said...

How wonderful!! Looks so authentic!!!

CLR said...

Ignore that post.  Cutting and pasting glitch!!!Should have said:  He is so cute and what an awesome first Halloween!!!  Love the photo with all the kids!!!  Cute!!!

Kristen said...

what a cute monkey! i love the picture of him with all the candy. the picture of all those cute kiddos in their costumes is just precious.