Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Walking and Talking

Okay, so more like walking and signing.

He has started to walk- a little bit at a time. The most we have had at once is 6 steps. It is fun to see his confidence grow daily! He took his first few steps at Aunt Heather's house because he really wanted some of my niece Taylor's cupcake. Just like his mom. Dangle some good dessert in front of me and I will do anything I can to get it! :)

Also, he has mastered some sign language. "More" and "all done" are his favorites. He is getting the hang of "milk" and "hungry". He loves showing off his newly found communication.

No pictures or videos of these things, but we will definitely post them once we have them.

More to come soon, I promise!

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Kristen said...

oh isaiah is getting so big!