Tuesday, August 5, 2008

day of fun

nothing precedes coffee like pie. and nothing preceds pie like juanitas california burrito. and nothing preceds that burrito like surfing. and nothing precedes surfing like reading. and nothing precedes reading like more surfing. and nothing precedes more surfing like more coffe. and nothing precedes more coffee like still more surfing.
it was a great day. two trips in the water with friends and one trip alone. one trip to pannikins with jon and one alone. a great book by francis chan, the bible, and God's creation.
the only bad things was when the reef sliced jon's foot open.


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Nonna said...

Oh My gosh. What an amazingly cute, smart funny, active curious, darling grandson I have. You all brought Dad, Grandma, Mikey and me so much joy with your visit. I can't wait to see you soon soon soon
I love you