Saturday, March 14, 2009

Meet Abby & Friends

Meet Abby:

Abby is the daughter of our friends Nikki and Robbie. She is also Isaiah's future wife. It was arranging before her birth. 
She recently had her first birthday party (with a super cute Dr. Suess theme), where Isaiah discovered his new love of balloons and tried to eat Abby's cake with her. 

Isaiah was very happy that his buddy Austin was back from Texas. However, we felt a little bad for him because Isaiah was chasing him around, trying to get the balloon that was tied to his foot.

Two weekends ago, Abby was dedicated at church. We decided to try to get a few pictures of the three kiddos and this is what happened:

Stage 1: All are finally sitting on the stage. Now to get them to all look up at the same time.

Stage 2: Isaiah decides to take his shoe off.

At the same time, Austin decided to make a move on Abby. Isaiah played it cooling, knowing that he holds Abby's heart.

Stage 3: Austin takes off to go play the drums. Cute picture of all three smiling not achieved.
Isaiah sees him take off and decides that he wants to go play the drums too. Abby was left looking pretty by herself.

Dear Abby: Hello. Love Isaiah.


The Morales Family said...

Oh my goodness - this post is by far one of my favorites ;) Abby loves Isaiah!! :)

Brandon said...

This is too cute! Sorry that Austin was trying to move in on Abby with Isaiah right there...he is his father's son :)