Thursday, April 2, 2009

An Emergency?

Scene: Isaiah playing with the house phone while David sits nearby. (This is extremely common- the kid loves phones).

He presses buttons. Babbles for a white like he is talking to someone (also very common. He is a chatterbox these days).

David hangs up the phone having seen that Isaiah had turned it on.

A minute later, the phone rings.

Isaiah pressed the right button to pick it up. He babbles and David cracks up thinking, "Oh, how cute- he's talking to someone on the phone. They are probably loving it".

After letting him talk for a minute, David takes the phone and says, "Hello, who is this"?

Answer: "the cops"

Thinking that someone was joking, David said, "C'mon. Who is it really?"

Answer: "The emergency system."

Yes. Our little Isaiah called 911 and chatted them up a bit. Oops.


Anonymous said...

haha i was there and wittnessed it, it was hilarous.

best cousin asho.

Denise said...

the year was 2000, about 3:00 p.m., i was still in my p.j.'s, emilie was just over a year and was happily playing with the phone. at one point the the phone rang, but i thought she hit the ringer button, i took the phone away from her. a few minuets later there was a knock at the door. a policeman, "we got a call from this house, is everything okay."
embarrased (and yes, in my jammies in the middle of the afternoon) i replied, "oh, i'm so sorry, my daughter was playing with the phone, she must've called!"

thankfully he was a very gracious cop. my kids never played with the phone again.:-)

laura r. said...

Both of my older daughters did this at about the same age! The 9 and the 1 are right where chubby little thumbs fit and can press in sequence. Any day soon, and Laila will do it, too...that girl ADORES phones...

barbara said...

haha...that is cute!! Stephen did that once too!! He grabbed the phone while on the changing table & started pushing buttons.....I hung up the phone but then it rang back... it was 911 calling to see if we had a problem!!! ya, oooops!