Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Big money, big money!

My friend Jenetta has two fun blogs called Frugal, Sweeps & Deals & Frugal, Freebies & Deals. She lists sweepstakes, coupons, freebies and deals multiple times per week. If you are in to this, definitely check them out.

This logo button makes me laugh because we just spent the weekend up in Bass Lake with my family and some friends. My brother's business partner, Chad, frequently said that he was going to "get his ____ on" *enter anything in the blank. Common ones were "snack", "lake", etc.

Small history fact about me: In college, I often procrastinated by entering sweeps online. David would always make fun of me. I never won anything...
There have been a couple of nights in the past couple of months when I've been sucked back into my old habits *maybe I'll win one now!* Don't tell David though :)

Lots of pictures and updates coming this week, once I download pictures from our camera.

Is it really September already?


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JLP said...

sorry to feed your obsession-lol.