Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Labor Day Weekend: Bass Lake Extravaganza

Finally! Here it is!

David will post a full album of pictures in our My Photos section, but, for now, here is a recap of Isaiah's first labor day weekend: *warning: a long post. lots of pictures. probably only interesting to family*

We went up to Bass Lake with my brother & his family, my parents, my sister Shannon & her kiddos & some family friends, the Theules & the Damatos. At one point, we had 30 people staying in the house! Heather & Donald couldn't make it, so we let her boys tag along with us. They were great babysitters on the long drive up.

My sister in law, Lindsey, grew up in this house. It is incredible- 3 stories, right on the water. What a gift it is when we get to go relax and play in the water.

Gracie steering Mr. Crab:
Isaiah is quite the fish- he loves swimming!

Grandma & Lily floating away to the Island:

Captain Isaiah: *my favorite pic of the whole trip:

Boat time! Lots of boat cuddles:
Lily was so excited, she fell asleep:

Isaiah loved the boat. He was not so sure about the life jacket at first, he really wanted to get out of it. But once the boat got going, he couldn't contain himself. He was jumping up and down, shouting and smiling as the wind hit his face. It was so adorable!

Grandpa taught him how to drive the boat:

Water fun:

I wish this picture was clearer, because it is hilarious. Every time Tyler signaled faster, Gracie immediately signaled lower.
Then they got brave:

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of us wakeboarding. David did a great job on the first day- I'll have to find those pics and post them. I however, did not do so well and actually hurt my back that first day on the lake. Not fun. Especially since I had to walk up and down stairs the rest of the weekend. So, my water fun was limited to swimming and tubing super slowly with my niece, Lily. The back is all better now thought :)

Here is a hunky pic of my hubby, with my nephew Andrew wakeboarding in the background:

Aside from the water, we had fun lounging around, helping Lindsey make some of her cute products, eating and playing games.

Me & my big sister, Shan:
This little island is out in the middle of their cove. On sunday & monday, it was like Havasu! Party central.

David's favorite picture of the Theule's little guy, Brady:
Isaiah got a lot of lovin from his cousins:

I can't believe that I did not get any pics of Isaiah & Silas. They loved playing together. Silas would run over and give Isaiah big bear hugs. It was so sweet! Linds or Shan- did you get any of the two of them?

Silly Isaiah, you are supposed to swat flys, not Aunts! (*my niece Amber has decided that she is Isaiah's auntie amber, not a cousin!)

Yummy shakes:

Isaiah & uncle sean:

What's wrong Amber? Too early? :)

Me & my gracie-o:

Some sweet family time:

We are missing a bunch of pictures, specifically from our hike up to bass lake falls. To see some of those, you can check out Lindsey or Shannon's blogs on the trip. I might post more once I get them from everyone.

We had such a great time- I wish I could go back right now! Lindsey & Jones': thank you for giving us the opportunity to get away and make so many great memories!


Shan said...

I want to go back right now!!!! I have about 400 more pics for you and yes I have some of da' boys. I'll make you a CD. Love ya XOXO

Kristen said...

so fun. i loved everyone's pictures from that trip to bass lake - it looks amazing there.

so i am trying to get caught up on your blog. i finally figured out today that you had moved to blogspot. i was wondering why your old blog never was highlighted on my bloglines. ugh! so now i have this new blog on my list and can keep up. so sorry!