Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy birthday David!

Today is David's birthday! Yes, it is quite the week for us: back to back celebrations.

I am so excited to celebrate the love of my life. He is such an incredible man (see yesterday's post for some more info on that!). As one of his gifts, I am going to be giving him a note every day for the next year, listing a reason why I love him. I'll post them every once in a while.

Reason #1: I love the joy & excitement he gets over the smallest things. It is contagious. Anyone who knows this and has ever heard him talk about, well, anything that he is excited about knows what I mean (chipotle, a new album, a good cup of coffee, etc).

my fork is dirty. happy birthday babe!


Shan said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Vido!!!!!!!! We all love you sooooo very much XOXOXOXO

~Mandy, Ashley, Amber, Drew & Shan

CLR said...

Happy Birthday, David!!! You two are so darn cute!! Love the updates!!

Have a great week!!!!

Lots of love,