Friday, September 5, 2008


    Okay, so still no labor day weekend pics... I'll get around to it soon. Well, maybe not so soon. Wedding tomorrow. Worship team retreat sunday. Working monday. Leaving tuesday for anniversary/birthday getaway with David. Meetings & Sara B/Maroon5/Counting Crows concert thursday. Meetings and photo shoot with J* friday. Meetings in the morning saturday and then... what? Some free time- amazing!

and I had been telling people that things would slow down after this weekend.

Anyway, the point of this picture-less post is to share my joy with finding some great deals today. I ran errands for about two hours and in that time the following happened:

*Isaiah and I were on a date at the mall. I went to get some dinner in the food court. Ordered my pizza, salad & diet coke, only to find out that I only had $5 cash on me and my total was $7 (Oh ya, my wallet got thrown away last week. That is another story for another day). I ask the cashier if I could pay with a check, explained what happened. After telling me that they do not take checks, he presses buttons on the cash register for a good 30 seconds then smiles and says "That will be $3.65". How awesome is that? It made my sub-par pizza and flat diet coke taste incredible because of his unnecessary generosity.

*Found a black dress I loved at Macys. Yes, black. As if I need another black article of clothing. But it was on sale and I decided I really would wear it a lot. So, I take it up to purchase it- even cheaper than it was marked. A super cute black Hurley dress for $14. I'll take it!

*My purpose in going to Macys was to find David a pair of jeans. *note- this is extremely necessary. He has 1 pair and it has a large hole in the knee. He thinks it's cool. I think he is retreating back to the 90's. I did not have much luck, then decided to go into American Eagle for one last chance (NOTE: I have not been in American Eagle since my freshman year of college. What lured me in? The big sign that said "free movie tickets if you buy any pair of jeans. I figured it was worth a shot). Found a pair in his size that are somewhat stylish for $14.95. Plus a free movie ticket. That makes them about $5 :)

*I then later realize that I have to run to Target because we are out of diapers. I also find out that I have to pick something up for my wedding tomorrow. As I was rushing through the baby section grabbing diapers (rushing because our wonderful friend Jon graciously offered to stay at my house with sleeping isaiah so that I could get these things done while David had a concert), I saw a cute pair of jammies, which Isaiah really needs. $6, not too bad. When the cashier rings them up, it is not reading it. So, she does what all lovely Target employees do in this situation, manually enters in that the cost of the pjs is $2.99. Score!

While this was a nutty evening, I thoroughly enjoyed these little treasures. May you run across little bargain gifts in your shopping this week :)

high school english teachers of mine: please ignore the fact that I changed tenses frequently throughout my rambling. It's late and I'm the mom of a 10 month old during a wedding weekend. Grammar is forgivable at this point, I believe!


Shan said...

Yeah for good deals!!!! You've learned well from Mom :) hee hee

Megan said... cute! i love deals & shopping. and it sounds like your week is packed...please don't rush to send me anything this week. happy anniversary! your bday or david's?

Doug Kyle said...

GREAT LINE! "It made my sub-par pizza and flat diet coke taste incredible because of his unnecessary generosity."

Jeannett Gibson said...

Love great deals! Don't they just somehow make your day?!