Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our First Seasonal Season Party: Fall!

We decided to start the tradition of throwing a party on the first day of each new season. We love the change that the start of a new season brings: the freshness, the excitement, the inspiration. Although we do not really experience season changes much in Southern California, we still get excited for the things that each new season brings. 

We kicked off our new tradition on September 21st: the first day of fall. My job was decor, favors & other fun touches; David's job was the food, drinks and music. There are specific things that we connect to fall: foods, colors & songs. 

Here are a few photos by my good friend, Jenetta . For more photos and to see details about everything, hop on over to my work blog: www.joyfulweddingsandevents.blogspot.com 

Isaiah had a great time at his first fall party! 
He got to flirt with his future wife:
And play with his buddies:
Isn't his bride to be cute?
Some more moments from the party:
This is our friend Rachel. You may recognize her from a ford commercial :)

David, cooking away:

Some more friend pictures. Terrible quality, taken with my point & shoot that was having flash issues that night:

Happy Fall everyone! Be sure to look at my blog for more fall goodness. 


Jon and Jenetta said...

The scrunchy face photo of Abby is priceless. That one is going on the wedding montage at the reception someday :)

The Morales Family said...

Had I known there was going to be such amazing prof. photos taken, I would have dressed the poor girl in something cuter and in her color ;) Love the photos though!!

Brandon said...

aww, we missed it. we are missing everything fun :( super cute party, can't wait until the spring one! miss you guys!

Cathi Hamen said...

love the decorations.. very classy court!!
cute idea!!

little wash wash said...

Hi! Hopped over here from imperfect. Super cute house decorations. I need to start decorating for fall but all I can think of is Christmas!

Jonathan said...

Hey!! Nikki shared the photos!! Love em!! Really great. You got a heart breaker on your hands! Gosh, if he stays this cute in High School, you'll have to bar him from leaving the house!
ALSO, super cute decorations! man, i wish i had half an ounce of creativity! Really fun party! Look forward to attending one sometime when we are in the country... ;)
Blessings, KC and Jonathan