Friday, January 16, 2009

Isaiah's new favorite activity

Isaiah's favorite thing to do right now is watching cars and truck and waving at them while saying "hi". It is so cute! If he hears a trash truck while we are in the house, he gets all excited and goes to the door and points outside until I take him out to see it.

We were at the park the other day, and he noticed a construction truck working close by. It is all he had eyes for. We walked over and watched it for a good 5 minutes. He just sat there in awe, waving every once in a while.

Yesterday, we both were getting a little stir crazy and decided to go outside for a bit. We literally just stood on the corner of our street watching the cards go by for about 10 minutes. He loved it! He was just waving and saying hi the entire time. So funny!

This is what happens when a boy with long hair goes down a slide on a day when the Santa Ana's are kickin:

I know we have been MIA from this blog, but we have had a lot going on recently. More on that in another post. We'll try to be better :)

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Cathi Hamen said...

love that handsome lil guy.. i had fun having dinner with you and him and feeding him his yummy peas!!