Saturday, October 18, 2008

happy first birthday, isaiah

Almost exactly one year ago, Isaiah John Toney entered the world. What an incredible year it has been! It was a rough beginning- lots of challenges, lots of adjustment and not much sleep, but month by month, we have fallen more and more in love with him: his sweet smile, his curiousness, his happy little personality. The way he dances with both hands in the air anytime music comes on. His voracious appetite. The way he lights up when we enter the room. The quiet moments with him in our arms. The way he used to clap with one hand in a fist. All of his funny expressions and cute little babbles. And the joy he has exploring life.

What an amazing gift God has given us.
We love you sweet buddy. Thanks for making our life so entertaining.

A few (okay, maybe more like 27) of our favorite Isaiah moments:


JLP said...

happy birthday baby :)

Shan said...

Happy birthday Isaiah John! We love you sooooooo much - what blessing you are to our family :)

Mandy & Auntie

CLR said...

He is so... cute!!! What a little charmer!!! Tanner had an awesome time at his birthday!! Thanks and sorry I missed it.....

Rachel Shoemaker said...

Happy Birthday Isaiah! Thanks for sharing these with us :)