Friday, October 17, 2008

Fun with friends!

So, this post is long overdue, but oh well. We are so blessed to have such amazing friends and we have had many opportunities to do some fun things in the past couple of months.

Holly and I had fun at the Counting Crows & Maroon 5 concert:

I snuck away for a weekend for our church's women's retreat. So fun! Shae & I highlighting the local attractions in Idyllwild.

My sweet friends Julianne, Caitlyn & Bree came down from Orange County to visit. I showed them the highlights of Escondido: Lourdes & Dippin Dots :)    Come on down to Escondido, we'll show you a good time!
I miss my girls, so it is fun to get a night with them!

David and I decided last minute to go to the Switchfoot concert (Jars of Clay and Third Day were there too, but we missed Jars of Clay & left early in Third Day's set). They are one of our favorite bands and we have never seen them, so it was really fun.
We met up with my sis for a bit:

It has been a month of great concerts! We don't have pictures from these, but David got to go see Radiohead (his favorite band. I opted out because they were pit tickets, and being 5 feet tall, I would not have seen anything all night) & we went with our friends Jon & Jenetta to see Sigur Ros . It was one of the best concerts we have ever seen. They are incredible- definitely check them out!

One of the highlights of the past month was a mini-reunion with some of my high school friends at our beloved Gypsy Den . So fun!
Lots of love for the little guy:
Sweet michelle & Jonathan:

We got an extra special treat this week when Michelle came and stayed with us while working down here in San Diego. She and Isaiah are officially buds:

Isaiah has been getting some fun time with friends too:

Flirting with his wife :)
Stealing Samuel's juice:
Samuel trying to steal Isaiah's juice:

We are so thankful for our friends and the fun beginning of Fall we have been given!

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William and Jessica said...

Courtney! I saw this post & couldn't pass it up! William & I LOVE the Gypsy Den! That's where we first met! It hold such a special place in our hearts! :)